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Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group (www.Bridon-Bekaert.com) is the world’s premier supplier of mission-critical advanced cords and ropes. As a leading innovator, developer and producer of the best performing ropes and advanced cords globally, the Group provides superior value solutions to the oil & gas, mining, crane, elevator and other industrial sectors. Two of the most enduring wire and rope pioneers joined forces in 2016 to make this ambition real. Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group has a global manufacturing footprint and employs approximately 2 500 people worldwide.

Products and services

Steel, Synthetic and Hybrid Wire Ropes for:

Underground Mining
Friction winders
• Balance Ropes
• Friction Winder Ropes

Drum winders
• Blair winder ropes
• Multi layer ropes
• Single layer ropes

• Full lock guide ropes
• Half lock guide ropes

Incline haulage
• Round strand ropes
• Triangular strand ropes

Shaft sinking
• Stage sinking ropes
• Kibble ropes

Surface Mining

Shovel machine
• Hoist rope

Dragline machine
• Hoist rope
• Dragline ropes

Material handling
Material Ropeways

• Haulage ropes
• Track ropes
• Hoist ropes

Rope Driven Conveyor
• Drive rope
Hybrid Ropes

Hybrid Ropes
HYBRID ROPES: High Strength and Light Weight

Steel and fiber combination rope where the fiber is an integral load bearing member. As strong and robust as a steel rope but lighter with superior bending fatique life.

Bristar Tiger Blue

Revolutionary 8 strand rope with Bristar technology for shovel.

Revolutionary core design
Increases performance over competing ropes
Unbeatable annual savings
Cutting edge continuous improvement

Tiger 24 LS PI

The Tiger 24 LS is the most robust rotation resistant hoisting rope with superior performance on friction hoists. With a PI intrusion of the core, the rope reaches excellent diameter stability when high thread pressure becomes an issue.

BRIDON International GmbH
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Vadim Pravdin
Director of Moscow Representative Office
Phone: +7 495 6209704
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Moscow Representative office Bridon International GmbH
Business Center DIAGONAL House, 8th Floor, Ul Butyrskaya 77
Moscow 127015

Phone: +7 495 6209704
Internet: www.bridon-bekaert.com
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News & Innovations

Hybrid Ropes
Several years ago, we started the development of a hybrid rope for special hoisting solutions. Driven by the needs of our customers in the mining industry, our innovation and technology teams have focused to create a next generation rope. And they did with our hybrid rope!

The hybrid design brings the best of both worlds: the strength and abrasion resistance of steel and the high fatigue performance of fibres in a lightweight construction due to high modulus specific grades. By offering these higher strength, lower weight ropes, we can provide underground mining customers with a competitive and safe edge in their operations, which, according our first calculations, can result in the increase of productivity because of higher payload in each cycle, starting typically with a minimum of 10%. Our first field trials clearly indicated an increased lifetime of the hybrid rope which eventually led to an uptime in operations.

To achieve this innovative hybrid rope we worked closely together with a selection of top high modulus fibre producers.

Many field trials have been performed over recent years with positive results.
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