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About us

ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH is a German-based, international active contractor for the supply of complete new plants and components or the reconstruction of existing plants and plant components for the following industries:

  • Mining: crushing, conveying and storage systems, pump stations and pipelines.
  • Mineral processing: treatment plants for iron, precious metals and non-ferrous metals.
  • Metallurgy: copper, lead and zinc production facilities, cathode copper production complex containing.
  • Tailing ponds & disposals: slurry pumping stations, tailing disposal systems.
  • Power engineering: disposal of fly and bottom ash, pneumatic conveying of fly ash, flue gas desulfurization, silos, coal handling plants.
  • Water treatment: water treatment plants for industrial process water and wastewater, drinking water, municipal wastewater, cooling water treatment.
  • Chemical plants: handling, washing, concentration and calcination for the phosphate industry, phosphoric and sulphuric acid plants, etc.

Products and services

The ContiClassSystem is designed to enable pressure variations to be counterbalanced by a speed-controlled pump. As an additional effect the pump lifetime is extended tenfold, because, amongst further positive effects, cavitation is avoided.

GrindExpert - Increased efficiency of grinding and classification installations by 3 to 5%. Employing the latest mathematics software tools ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH developed a system for optimizing installations enabling production increase without essential modification of present grinding and classification installations.

ContiMAC - This unique design allows separate cleaning of granular and slurry fraction in one machine.

Density Measuring Device - The measuring principle of the device is based on the dependence of varying suspension densities on pressure variations in the gauging cylinder. As the measured pressure decreases or increases proportionally to the density of the suspension flow, the suspension density can be exactly calculated.



The ContiClassSystem patented by ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH provides continuous classification of ores. An essential precondition for perfect separation is constant pressure at the hydrocyclone inlet. The ContiClassSystem is designed to enable pressure variations to be counterbalanced by a speed-controlled pump. As an additional effect the pump lifetime is extended tenfold, because, amongst further positive effects, cavitation is avoided.



Range of applications ContiMAC machines can successfully be used in the following industries: in the glass industry to abrade oxide coating from silica sand; in the processing industry to clean particle surfaces from flotation agents and slurry coatings leading to reduction in the course of flotation due prolonged contact of the ore particles with water.

ContiSmelt: Vanyukov furnace

ContiSmelt: Vanyukov furnace

ContiSmelt, Vanyukov process is a continuous melting and oxidation in a slag bath of a melt of copper sulfide raw material.

News & Innovations

ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH, one of the leading specialists in plant engineering, began on the modernization of the copper smelting plant at the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine in Uzbekistan. R 

The innovative melting technology in the slag bath is aimed at processing copper concentrates and return materials with a capacity of 70,000 tons of blister copper per year.
Engineering Dobersek GmbH was responsible for the complete implementation of the large-scale project from its beginnings to the turnkey handover, that is to say for project planning, supply of equipment, construction and chief assembly works and supervision, commissioning, staff training.

Dr.-Ing. Albin Dobersek, a recognized eastern Europe expert and the managing director of Engineering Dobersek, who supervised the project activities mostly on site, emphasizes: "Our high-tech plant "ContiSmelt" enables continuous melting operation. Through the use of the most modern technology and the sophisticated equipment, we are not only significantly increasing the efficiency of the copper smelter, but at the same time provide for a more environmentally friendly production”.
The project was launched in 2015 by Islam Karimov, the recently deceased President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The turnkey construction of the new copper smelting plant ContiSmelt is another successful project of ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH. The introduction of the modern and highly effective processes not only significantly increases the output of copper, but at the same time decreasing the environmental pollution. The resulting sulfur-containing exhaust gases are fed to the sulfuric acid production and get processed there.
Such optimizations could be achieved through the interference-free melting and oxidation process of the copper sulfide material in the slag bath in the ContiSmelt process.

Engineering Dobersek GmbH, a leading specialist in planning, construction and commissioning of turnkey plants and plant components, has been active in the Central Asian Republic, lying on the silk route, for more than thirty years. Numerous projects in the field of gold production and the processing of phosphates, as well the company’s branch in the capital Tashkent, present proof of the trustworthy cooperation with Uzbekistan. Thanks to the country’s confirmed rich deposits of gold, silver, uranium, copper, zinc, wolfram and other ores, the country is taking one of the top positions in the world.


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